This application will give users the upper hand when going to vote by streamlining everything you need to cast an educated ballot right from the palm of your hand.

Imagine waking up in a world in which you don’t know who your local Mayor is…in fact imagine a world where you don’t know who most of your locally elected officials are. That is the world that most Americans live in today. Through Politicking we are able to create transparency between candidate and constituent by demystifying the way users have been traditionally informed about politics.  

  • Politicking is important because millennials represent the second largest generation of this country’s electorate.
  • Without our votes, we willingly allow America’s politics to engage in business as usual. In the most recent 2018 elections only 31% of millennials turned out. Surveys say that millennials feel politically disengaged, apathetic, and unclear about candidate positions and local issues that are up for referendum. 
  • Politicking solves these issues by providing this information in a way our peers are accustomed to receiving it— through their mobile devices. 

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Click connect on the website, and send us your info so we can get in touch. Time, Treasure, or Talent; from there we can connect on how you believe you can get involved with the Politicking App. We look forward to connecting with you. Stop waiting, and Start Politicking!

Politicking meets Millennials where they are at. Through a simple, well-designed, and web-based platform, the app will present users with data pertinent to municipal, state, and national elections, including local polling and voting information.

Although our forefathers fought for us to have the right to vote, it is difficult not to feel a general sense of disgust and apprehension about an entire system that seems adamant about excluding Millennials.

Research shows that voting is simply not a preferred method of political engagement among millenials, and Politicking aspires to change this.

Research shows that millennials are highly politically engaged as evidenced by their willingness to share opinions on social media.

Politicking’s goal is to keep potential voters, particularly millennials, engaged and galvanized to be a part of the political process.

Wen-kuni, who is from South Florida, and Jordan of Gary, Indiana were inspired to help impact positive change in this country so they created Politicking.

Politicking is a mobile app that provides data and information about political elections and campaigns.