Stop Waiting, Start Politicking.

This application will give you the upper hand when going to vote by streamlining everything you need to cast an educated ballot right from the palm of your hand.

Politicking Made Simple
Politicking Made Simple

Politicking Made Simple

Addressing everything from Valid Forms of Voter Identification, to displaying a politician's stance on the economy or education, to even having the ability to report voting issues - these are just a few features of this app.


Empowering People to Vote

Where Politickers are able to create a virtual voter ID that will advise them as to what districts and precinct they are registered to based on their address.

Politickers will be able to keep track of need-to-know issues based on a personalized news feed that caters to each individual's interests.

General information about the Voting process.

Politickers have the ability to view amendments and referendums that will appear on Politicker's ballots and have them broken down in layman's terms.

Politickers are able to compare and contrast candidates that will be on their geo-targeted ballot. They are also able to compare and contrast each candidate based on their campaign platform.

Streamlined information following the 2020 Candidates.


Streamlining everything you need to cast an educated vote

Upper Hand

Giving you the upper hand in understanding micro and macro politics.

Educated Ballot

Helping you cast an educated ballot. 🗳️No more guessing.

Streamlined Experience

Facilitating a positive voting experience from your wireless device.

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